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Residential neighbourhood for positive people
Optymisto residential neighbourhood for positive people is being built in Gatne, Kiev region. All important infrastructure, in particular Odeske Shosse and public transport stops, can be easily reached owning to location of the complex. Teremki subway station is only 5 minutes away by car.

About Complex

Security - above all
The yard will be closed for car access, thus ensuring quite life to the residents. Security is above all, and that’s why the residential complex will have entry/exit card system; the buildings will be guarded.
The inner space of the residential neighbourhood will be divided into functional zones: for promenades with a fountain, play areas for children of different ages and relaxation spots. Rich infrastructure around the buildings will be complemented by infrastructure of each building
The first floors are intended for commercial premises. Favourite coffee house, beauty salon, post office – everything you need will be at hand. For the smallest residents, the child development centre will be arranged in the territory of the complex.
Attention is beign paid
to every detail
The top priority for the developer is the quality of construction and comfort of residents.
Apartments in the cast-in-place concrete buildings will be insulated with mineral wool and have individual heating. The residents can use the cubbyhole to store things such as summer tires, bicycles, sledges, etc.