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The schedule of the sales department on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine

There are 4 weekends ahead, so you will definitely have enough time to rest and visit the sales department of RC "Optimisto". October 14 - the sales department is closed.

15,16,17 our managers work from 10:00 to 17:00, so come to us to choose the dream apartment and learn about all the benefits of "Optimisto".

Sales department address: c. Gatne, street Optimistic, 1.

Also call the number listed on the site.

Other news
Start of sales of barns in 6 and 7 sections.
(Українська) Комірчина - ваш рятівник!
We are pleased to announce the start of sales of new sections in Optimisto Residential Complex – 10, 11 and 12!
(Українська) Вже скоро — ще більше затишних квартир та щасливих мешканців!
Buy an apartment in the RC Optimisto in installments and without overpayment
(Українська) Зазирніть до нас у гості! Пишіть нам у приватні повідомлення або телефонуйте.
The first residents of RC Optimisto received the keys to the apartments
(Українська) Продовжуємо тішити вас хорошими новинами.
RC Optimisto received a mailing address!
(Українська) ЖК Оптимісто отримав поштову адресу!
Start of sales of the 8th and 9th sections
(Українська) ЖК Оптимісто чекає на гостей!