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Apartment by instalments

An apartment in Optymisto Residential Complex by instalments and without overpayment.
Smile Development gives an opportunity to buy an apartment in Optymisto Residential Complex by instalments and without overpayment. The procedure for obtaining instalments is easy, you just have to provide the documents as a buyer (passport and tax identification number).

Installment with a down payment of 30% of the base value of the apartment

Easy procedure for obtaining instalments и
For obtaining instalments it is enough to have passport and tax identification number. There are no additional costs for insurance of the buyer’s home and life insurance, early repayment of instalments is possible without penalties, confirmation of solvency of the buyer and guarantors is not required. Contract signing and agreeing upon the terms are instantaneous!
Smile Development takes care of each of the buyers of the apartments in Optymisto Residential Complex, and therefore, the company offers you attractive instalment terms with a down payment from 30% of the base cost of the apartment.

Instalments period

The instalment period varies depending on the selected construction stage and it should be provided until the buyer receives the title to an apartment. This is six months longer than before the receipt of the documents on commissioning of the building.
When paying the first instalment of more than 30% of the base cost of the apartment, a loyalty program is applied: the higher the amount of the down payment, the cheaper the apartment in the end.
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