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You can purchase housing in the "Optymisto" residential complex with a mortgage, under the "eOselya" program.
📌 What you need to know about this program:
«eOselya» is a state housing mortgage lending program that has been in effect since October 2022. At the beginning, it could be used by military personnel, security forces, doctors, teachers and scientists - simplified conditions and a 3% rate still apply to these preferential categories.
From August 1, 2023, the government expanded the program — since then, mortgages at 7% can be taken by veterans and their family members, participants in hostilities, persons with disabilities as a result of the war, families of dead (deceased) war veterans, as well as other citizens of Ukraine who are not have their own home or own less than 52.5 m² for a one-person family and an additional 21 m² for each subsequent family member. At the same time, housing owned in temporarily occupied territories is not taken into account. De facto, within the framework of this program, the state compensates the banks for a reduced interest rate, because now an ordinary home mortgage can be taken from a bank at 15-25%.

📌 The following can participate:

  • • Citizen of Ukraine
  • • Older than 18 years on the date of the loan
  • • Not older than 70 years on the maturity date
  • • Solvency (employed)
  • • You do not have your own home at all or it is:
    — less than 52.5 m² + 21 m² for each additional family member (your spouse and minor children living with you)
    — located in the district hostilities or in the temporarily occupied territory
  • • You do not appear in the sanctions lists
  • • Do not participate in other valid government housing programs
📌 Program conditions:
  • • The preferential rate for the entire term of the loan is 3% or 7%
  • • The maximum loan term is 20 years
  • • Minimum down payment — 20%
  • • Lending banks participating in the program: Oschadbank, PrivatBank, Ukrgasbank, Sky Bank, Globus Bank. (the list will be updated)
📌 Послідовність дій:
  • • Submit an application through Diya (the program analyzes primary income documents, and the person receives a preliminary decision on whether he can apply for participation in «eOselya»)
  • • You choose the real estate you want to buy on your own
  • • Submit the documents for the selected housing to the bank to obtain a loan
  • • Sign an agreement with the bank and a sales agreement (the real estate is registered as your property, and the loan funds are transferred by the bank to the account of the real estate seller)
📌 What housing can be purchased:
  • • Apartments in high-rise buildings, private houses, townhouses, duplexes
  • • Built housing or that which is under construction (at the moment 17 developers are accredited to buy apartments under construction)
  • • The price of an apartment should not exceed the average cost of housing construction in the region, multiplied by a factor (from 2.5 to 1, for example, for millionaires — 2.5)
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