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Housing technical specifications

Housing technical specifications is an important aspect, which has influence on purchase decision. The buyers want to be sure that an apartment will be comfortable and worry about how much time and money they will have to spend for repair works.
More details about technical specifications of the apartments in Optymisto Residential Complex.

Technical characters

Walls and floor

Walls and floor
Water supply
Warm, spacious and bright apartments are exactly ones we have designed for future residents.
The buildings in Optymisto Residential Complex are erected according to monolithic frame technology. The walls are made of the gas concrete blocks and heat-insulated with mineral wool.
Height from floor to ceiling is 2.7 m. The sand cement screed (except for bathrooms) is 7 cm thick. The bathrooms have moisture proofing. The pipe distribution system for the heated towel rail – from the boiler to the bathroom, in 2-room apartments – to one of the two bathrooms.
The apartments of OPTYMISTO Residential Complex have reliable entrance metal doors with MDF boards on both sides and with two locks. Safety comes first.
The developer installs the high-quality metal-plastic windows with the energy-saving double-glazed windows. They retain heat and do not have to be changed during repair.
Partial distribution system is being laid in the apartments. Cold water supply – to sanitary facilities (bathrooms).
Hot water supply – from a double-pressure gas boiler to sanitary facilities (bathrooms). Sewerage – a branch tee (pipe cross) with a plug for subsequent connection is installed on the stand pipes.
The power supply is laid to the place of installation of the apartment electrical control unit (without fitting), without the power panel. Gas supply – from a gas stand pipe in the kitchen. Cold water supply and electricity meters are located in the public places, gas supply is inside the apartment.
We acted responsibly in matters of heating, taking into account all factors – convenience for the residents and economy. Heating in apartments is autonomous, from a double-pressure gas boiler with laying to the boiler, from the boiler – to the heating appliances in a screed. You create a comfortable microclimate in your home by yourself. Heating appliances are steel panel radiators with bottom connection with a possibility of installing a temperature thermostat.
The gas pipe on the second floor goes through the apartment (the gas pipe above the arch goes into the apartment on the third floor). For safety reasons, it is prohibited to change the place of installation and the height of the gas boiler. The startup of the gas boiler has to be carried out by a recommended company from the developer to save the warranty events for the gas boilers.
We have already prepared communications for your taking up residence.
Internet – a cable is laid in the corridor of the apartment, the investor chooses one of two proposed providers (Simnet, Maximumnet).
An entry phone – a cable is laid in the apartment corridor; the investor installs an internal entry phone by himself/herself (system provides only a video entry phone).
We took care of preserving the aesthetics of the building facades - for many years your favourite home will delight the eye with its stylish design. Installation of the external units of air conditioners is possible only in the cages, condensate discharge is brought out in the plane of the cage.
Replacement of the windows – pursuant to the project of the Managing Company.